East Bay Street is where it all started...

It's no longer our street but it paved the way for our clients' success. Come be a part of our community and find out how East Bay Investment Solutions collaborates with an investment advisory consultant.

Our desire to help advisory firms is what brought us together

Advisory firms don’t always have access to the resources they need, or get the support they deserve, from other industry partners, yet we believe they deserve it in order to maximize their clients’ experience and outcomes.

This is why…and how…we make our greatest impact.

With East Bay as your partner, you gain greater depth, breadth, and sometimes even purchasing power, to effectively leverage your current resources and deliver more robust investment services and solutions.

How our story began

With similar client-first mindsets, professional experience, and investment philosophy, it is not a surprise that our Partners connected and forged the East Bay partnership.  The combination of our vast network of industry connections, in addition to our complimentary personalities and skill-sets, are what makes this partnership a strong, successful, and effective one.  “Together we are stronger” holds true at East Bay as much as it does for our relationship with you.

Mario Nardone, CFA

Founding Partner

Early Life
A trip to Italy. The generosity of a relative instilling a life-long love of travel. The humility of a solo trip to the bakery and ordering in Italian.
Institutional and Advisory Services, ETF Product Management, muni fund specialist. Working with and learning from Jack Bogle.
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
“Acting” Marine Biologist
Seychelles Islands, Indian Ocean Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver, joining a marine research project to ID, study and document coral revival after El Nino destroyed over 90% of the reefs. Just a little typical break from cubicle life!
Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Financial planning and advisory firm in Mount Pleasant, SC
East Bay Investment Solutions
Formerly Jericho Advisors, I purchased the practice in 2014, renamed it East Bay, and turned our focus to working with advisors.
Industry affiliations
Past President of CFA Society South Carolina, Past Chairman and Current Board Member College of Charleston Finance Dept Advisory Board
One lucky guy
Family: Piper/wife + Pepper/daughter in picturesque, historic Charleston, SC Entrepreneurship: one of the most rewarding challenges; utmost respect for anyone else taking the plunge. A piece of advice though; it’s even better with the right business partner!
1999 - 2010
2010 - 2013
2013 - 2019

Eric Stein, CFA


Early Life
Fanatic for IndyCar racing, cycling, basketball (And lots of Broadway shows, reluctantly then, with an appreciation now.)
Indiana University, B.S. in Finance.
Beautiful limestone buildings, fantastic business school, Big Ten sports!
Family Life
Travel is an ongoing passion we now share with our 2 boys. Favorite places, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nevis, Israel.
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Performance measurement, risk analysis and portfolio construction.
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
Half-Ironman, Finished!
Ask Eric sometime about the medical tent and two liters of IV!
RSM U.S. Wealth Management, Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Strategic leadership of investment solutions.
Indy Car Racer
(for a few hours that is!) Drove 130mph strapped into an official Indy car at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A childhood dream realized!
Super Bowl 50
Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos Although we lost, it was an experience my wife and I will never forget!
Thought leadership driving strategic decisions across a variety of business initiatives.
East Bay Investment Solutions
1998 - 2005
2005 - 2016

Perhaps you too see it this way…

For a smaller planning-focused advisor, it can often be economically impractical to hire an investment professional on staff. By outsourcing this role, you are better-equipped to more competitively service your clients and position your firm for continuous growth.

It’s time to think holistically about your business, how to best serve your clients, and manage your business in a more efficient and effective way.

Our relationship operates from a mindset of collaboration. We embrace idea sharing, challenging the status quo, exploring new opportunities, and seeking innovation. We commit to being attentive, responsive, and flexible to help you with whatever challenges you face. This results in meaningful, impactful relationships centered around mutual trust, respect, and value.

If this resonates with you, let’s get to know each other and start building a stronger future together.

Ready to elevate your practice?