Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Solutions

for Planning and Relationship-focused Financial Advisors

Together we are stronger

Investment Advisors
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We understand the availability of time, resources, and expertise is limited to dive deeply into all areas required to fully service your clients while also focusing on efforts necessary to grow your firm.

As your Outsourced CIO, you can put your focus where it matters most:

providing exceptional service for client retention and acquisition

East Bay works primarily with planning-focused financial advisory practices to create cost-effective, customizable investment advisors and solutions.

As trustworthy advocates of our clients, we focus on investment services including in-depth analysis, portfolio construction, and manager due diligence to support your fiduciary duty to clients.  Maintaining this singular focus, we serve as your ‘go-to’ resource for new investment ideas, opportunities, and recommendations.

We are proactive, yet also responsive to your specific needs – equipping you with greater knowledge, expanded capabilities, and more time.  As a result, you are positioned to be more flexible and responsive to your clients’ needs.

As Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) ourselves, we are beholden to providing prudent investment advice, acting in the best interests of you and your clients

We believe there is strength in numbers...

Our partners each have over 20 years of industry experience, many of which have been spent serving and supporting advisors. This level of expertise has its advantages, but it can be cost prohibitive to staff in-house.

We expand your team’s capabilities and resources in a cost-effective way, saving your firm both money and time – two resources essential for increasing your productivity growth.  Also, our relationships afford us the opportunity to collect and suggest best practices to maximize your firm’s potential.

We support the overall growth and prosperity of your firm