Playing too many roles in your firm dilutes your effectiveness and limits your potential

We are your investment solutions resource

Together we help you deliver more robust services and solutions

As a planning-focused advisor, you know what you offer your clients is valuable, but you also know you don’t have the bandwidth to dive deeply into the vast and constantly-changing investment world. You’re deliberate and thoughtful about how to effectively grow your practice, while providing the highest level of client service.

As your partner on the investment side of your business, we offer a cost-effective way to enhance, yet streamline your practice so that realizing your clients’ and your firm’s goals is more achievable.

How we approach our relationship with you

How we formed our partnership is not much different from how we approach our relationship with you. It begins with an intensive, non-judgmental “get to know you” process. Over several months, we learn about you, your practice, and your investment philosophy and approach. We ask a lot of questions.

But it’s not about merely asking the questions, it’s about challenging the understanding.
We challenge you to think creatively (and critically) about what you do, why, and how important certain elements are to you.

Our process helps you to think about your investment philosophy and approach in a different way than you may ever have before. As a result, you have more confidence in your approach, more ownership of it, more appreciation of the process, and a clearer understanding of where you are going – and this confidence shows through in how you communicate with your clients.

Our approach

Our goal is to enable our clients to be extremely successful. Our services will take you from planning through buildout. We will work with you to reassess your investment philosophy, approach and strategy and then adapt that into model portfolio construction. Beyond investment-specific functions, we provide our business consultation services and network of industry resources to help support your firm’s growth and reach your business goals.


We offer a flat-fee pricing model, which is unique in an industry used to asset-based pricing.  This means our piece of your pie doesn’t grow as your firm revenue grows.

Some of the ongoing services include

Monthly calls with your investment committee, including prep- and follow-up work on issues most important to YOU
Monthly benchmark performance report* with a written synopsis so you are always on top of what’s happening in the markets
Quarterly economic and market commentary* taking a deep-dive into the global economy
Annual visit to your office or US location of your choice
Ongoing documentation to support your fiduciary responsibilities
Ongoing evaluation of alternative investments and industry trends such as ESG investing

*Material provided by East Bay is available for white-labeling

We commit to a collaborative approach with you.

This approach means there is an equal level of respect, trust and value in each other, but as consultants, you look to us to be a sounding board and ultimately, guide, advise and act in your best interests.

From this collaborative lens, we apply our financial expertise and our business strategy and growth experience to ensure you are moving in alignment with your guiding philosophies and principles and in the direction of your vision and goals.

We operate to ensure you feel valued and supported. We are an investment in your growth. We commit to achieving a long-term relationship with you.

Are you driven for success?

We work with a select group of clients. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we can't wait to hear from you.