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How Can an OCIO Benefit Your Financial Planning Business?


4 Benefits of Hiring an OCIO

Engaging an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) may give the impression of losing control over your investment performance. However, the reality can be quite different. With an OCIO, you gain access to valuable experience and resources that you might not have otherwise, while simultaneously saving time for other tasks. This arrangement can also decrease or even eliminate certain costs, thereby enhancing the client’s value proposition and overall experience. In this article, we’ll explore how East Bay Investment Solutions, acting as an OCIO fiduciary, can help you create a cost-effective and efficient investment program for your enterprise.

An OCIO can be a viable solution to a variety of internal challenges that your organization might be facing. You could potentially benefit from an OCIO if any of the following scenarios are applicable:

  • Not having enough time to focus on investment related activities
  • Difficulty in compensating, attracting or retaining senior staff
  • Extended decision-making and execution timelines
  • High costs associated with your investment program
  • Inability to move up-market, where more sophistication might be expected of potential investor clients

If you are contemplating hiring an OCIO and believe it might be the right fit for your needs, consider some of the numerous advantages it offers:

  1. Access to Deeper Experience and Expanded Resources

Engaging an OCIO is akin to having a fully equipped investment office without the need for in-house maintenance. OCIOs, such as East Bay Investment Solutions, are dedicated to crafting a portfolio solution that fits your practice and client needs.  With their comprehensive investment and portfolio management knowledge, OCIOs can adeptly handle all asset classes and complex investment strategies, thereby enabling the implementation of more advanced strategies.

  1. Alignment with Broader Organizational Goals

Though primarily involved in investment research, an OCIO should ideally be an integral part of your firm, participating in high-level organizational discussions. Sharing your business goals and objectives with your OCIO can help align all organizational aspects, facilitating the development of a personalized investment strategy that aligns with your overarching business goals.

  1. Streamlined Decision-Making Process

With an OCIO looking after your portfolios, they supply deliverables, research, and market data that can inform decision-making. This unified, holistic perspective can streamline organizational views, reduce the need for additional meetings, and expedite processes, thereby saving time and resources. This also enables you to concentrate on the strategic facets of the investment program and gauge the OCIO’s achievements against your goals.

Even though it might seem like ceding control of the investment program, the right OCIO can actually grant you greater control with appropriate communication and adherence to your organization’s best practices.  In fact, when you engage with East Bay, you always maintain discretion and have the final say on all decisions.

  1. Cut Operational Costs and Save Time

The need to establish and sustain a fully staffed investment office is eliminated with an OCIO, saving you both time and money by reducing the need for staff recruitment, vetting, and training. An OCIO already has the required systems for creating an investment policy, managing risk, and evaluating performance, thus saving your organization these expenses. A seasoned OCIO can handle portfolio management more efficiently since it is their sole focus, unlike in-house staff who have to juggle other responsibilities.

By engaging with East Bay, it’s essential to consider the enhanced efficiency of your investment program, consider the additional time you will have to focus on other aspects of your growing business, and see the value we can add, which can ultimately lead to lower overall costs and/or more growth.

Curious what an OCIO can do for you? Let’s talk. Schedule your Initial Conversation with East Bay Investment Solutions today.