As a financial advisor, your expertise is invaluable, but your time is limited. Are you juggling business management, client satisfaction, and complex investment strategies effectively? It might be time to consider an OCIO (Outsourced Chief Investment Officer) solution.

Take the First Step: Discover How an OCIO Can Transform Your Business

  • Quick and Insightful: A simple yet powerful quiz to evaluate your readiness for OCIO.
  • Tailored for Financial Advisors: Specifically designed for professionals in the financial advisory sector.
  • Gain Clarity: Understand how outsourcing investment responsibilities could free up your time and enhance your client services.
Benefits of Taking the Quiz:
  • Strategic Insights: Receive a personalized analysis of how an OCIO could fit into your business model.
  • Time Management: Learn how outsourcing can give you back hours in your day for what truly matters – your clients and your business growth.
  • Expertise at Your Fingertips: Discover how partnering with an OCIO can bring in-depth investment expertise to your firm, without the overhead of hiring in-house.

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These testimonials are from current or past East Bay Clients who were not compensated for their testimonials and no conflict of interest exists between these clients and East Bay Investment Solutions.


“I will say from the beginning East Bay exceeded my expectations, and I feel the value you provide to my clients has only increased as my firm has grown. My firm’s AUM has nearly tripled over (our first three years together), and I’m sure East Bay has been part of the reason why.” 

David McPherson, CFP®, Four Ponds Financial Planning

“We couldn’t have grown to $130mm without EB. We were growing and struggling with client load and all the administrative things we needed to do. East Bay lifted a huge time burden for us.”


Kay Dee Cole, CFP®, Clarity Wealth Development

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